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Here is what our customers are saying about Lamb Family Dental and Dr. Bryan Lamb.

“I am extremely pleased that I found Lamb Family Dental. Dr. Lamb has made my dentist visits painless, easy and even fun. The staff are knowledgeable, caring and always make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. It is wonderful to have found an office that can see my whole family. I highly recommend Lamb Family Dental and will never go anywhere else.”

Rae Graham

“Upon my first meeting with Dr. Lamb and his fabulous staff, I knew I came to the right place. His big smile, cheery nature and bubbly personality won me over; as I am normally a higher-fear patient when it comes to going to the dentist. Dr. Lamb listened and validated every one of my concerns and told me what to expect. I was very comfortable during every minute of my stay and look forward to going back. He not only took care of my teeth, he brightens up my day! I highly recommend anyone who is nervous about going to the dentist, Dr. Lamb is truly gentle as a lamb!”

Angie Holdaway

“Dr. Lamb and his staff are amazing. They treated my husband and myself like family. Dr. Lamb even called us later that evening to check on us and make sure we were doing fine after our appointments. Lamb Family Dental is the best!”

Dionne Tutogi

If you are in need of a great family dentist, Dr. Lamb is outstanding! I regularly refer friends to his office. The office team is friendly, competent and courteous. Dr. Lamb makes me comfortable and his skills are exceptional.”

Jayne Spinato

I recently had extensive cosmetic dental work done by Dr. Bryan Lamb. The procedure required me to be in the chair for several hours, but because of Dr. Lamb’s kind, gentle manner and his expertise in conscious sedation, my experience was wonderful! Dr. Lamb and his assistants were caring and attentive, explaining everything thoroughly and making sure I was comfortable and calm throughout. It felt like the time it took to complete my procedure was just a fraction of the actual time spent …. Post treatment discomfort was minimal and recovery was very quick! He restored chipped and worn away teeth and fixed my bite. My jaw feels great, my teeth look natural and I now feel confident smiling big again and showing my beautiful new teeth! It was a very positive dental experience, with fabulous results! For anyone who is very nervous to have dental work done, and you want excellent dental care, I highly recommend Dr. Lamb and his wonderful staff!

Carol Lords

Gentle as a Lamb

poem composed by Lloyd Hill (age 96) -Feb 2011

When you get THIS SIDE OF 40, and you don’t give your teeth proper care,

They decay or just come out and then you have a problem to bare.

I had that dilemma with my teeth and thought about having them fixed,

But had my doubts that it could be done AT MY AGE OF 96.

I talked with my daughter Annalee, and she said DR. LAMB was the dentist I should see.

Which I did and how grateful it made me!

Everything he did for me was GENTLE AS A LAMB. Oh how very happy I am!

He pulled some teeth and made me a bridge and the rest I can hardly believe.

When he put in the bridge secured be my remaining teeth, DID I EVER ACHIEVE!

Like a new set of teeth, the bridge slid perfectly into place. Now it seems like I have a new face.

I am so amazed at how nice it feels, smooth and soothing and snug.

The aches and pains and sharp corners have been professionally swept under the rug.

I can now display a POSITIVE SMILE and my entire mouth feels pleasant all the while.

My compliments to his assistants, Alysia and Jo. They really do stand tall.

It was the first time I’ve had liquid siphoned from my mouth WITH NONE DOWN MY THROAT AT ALL!

Good luck comes from good management. Good equipment makes a good farmer better.



Thank you sincerely Doctor (GENTLE AS A) Lamb!

p.s. I can hardly wait to get up in the morning TO ENJOY EATING WITH MY NEW TEETH