Special Offers

Porcelain veneers can be an excellent component to a smile design makeover, having a remarkable effect on the overall appearance of a smile. The placement of veneers can also be very effective at creating a more symmetrical smile and restoring aesthetic dental issues you may have wanted to address for a very long time. Call now: 208-344-6300. Expires December 31st.

$100 Off Each Crown

Expires 12/31/2015

In-office and digitally scanned and designed all porcelain crowns can restore broken/decayed teeth and improve your smile. These crowns look natural because they are solid porcelain. Crowns done in our office are offered with a same-day service. No wearing of temporaries and no second visit! Call right away to get your offer: 208-344-6300. Expires December 31st.

KoR Deep Bleaching System

Start the New Year with your best smile. Best in-office whitening system on the market! Get the brightest and whitest smile that you’ve always wanted.

Regular price $750. Limited Time Offer! Only $395. Call our office for details.

Patient Referral Reward

Receive $25 towards your dental account for each and every person you refer to our office.Its a great way to help pay for your dental needs. Call our office for Boise dental details.