Juvederm & Botox Therapeutic Treatment Boise, ID

Dr. Lamb is pleased to offer Botox® and Juvederm™ therapies to our list of comprehensive services. These treatments are a natural extension to the dental services we already provide. Dr. Lamb exercises a detailed understanding of facial anatomy and his experience with anesthetic administration allows for a comfortable experience within the office.

Therapeutic Botox® is administered to treat and relieve migraine and tension headaches. Botox® therapeutic treatments can relieve painful conditions triggered by muscles of the jaw, aid in therapy of TMJ due to grinding or clenching, and ensure the success of various dental services currently offered. Receiving such therapy can help reduce the number of clenching events and their intensity also reducing damage and discomfort to natural teeth and/or dental restorations, jaw joint, gums, and chewing muscles. To minimize showing ‘too much’ gum when smiling, the upper lip can be treated to enhance your smile.

Juvederm™ Dermal Fillers are safe and effective and can be incorporated into your dental visits to enhance your smile and your service experience. Juvederm™ is administered to minimize smile lines, vertical lip lines, and ‘marionette’ lines which can intensify over time. Replenishing the youthfulness of thinning lips, filling in undesired facial lines and/or wrinkles can also be treated with Juvederm™.

Our top priorities are your smile and your comfort. As one of the few dentists that provide Botox in Boise, we have what it takes to help you smile. At Lamb Family Dental, you will find a comprehensive collection of dental services. You can have and maintain your beautiful smile.

Call today for more information on our Boise dental services and to schedule a visit with Dr. Lamb, to discuss your options and see how Botox® Therapeutic and Juvederm™ Dermal Filler can benefit you.