Dental Fillings

It’s important to visit us at Lamb Family Dental for your checkups so you can maintain a healthy smile! We know things like cavities can happen and we’re used to treating them! It’s a good idea to have a cavity treated as quickly as possible since tooth decay can progress swiftly. You can trust Lamb Family Dental for your dental fillings. And remember, we’re “as gentle as a lamb!”


Root Canals

At Lamb Family Dental, we treat root canals with our “gentle as a lamb” approach. Treatment for root canals are intended to save the tooth that is infected or decayed. A root canal is a viable option when a filling, crown or onlay are not sufficient. Root canals can prevent further infection so go ahead and

Dental Implants

Dental implants are advantageous for many reasons including improved appearance, improved speech, and improved oral health. Dental implants are replacement tooth roots which offer a sturdy base for replacement teeth. Dental implants can have a success rate of up to 94% and can last a lifetime if taken care of accordingly!


Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile without pain or discomfort

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