Cosmetic Dentistry & Dental Implants Boise, ID

At Lamb Family Dental, we provide the latest in dental reconstruction including placement of full size and mini dental implants.

Implants have been utilized in dentistry for decades to replace missing teeth. A titanium cylinder is inserted as a substitute for the natural tooth root. The implant helps to maintain the surrounding bone of the jaw. Attached to the titanium implant is a corresponding abutment and dental crown to match with the surrounding teeth. Dental implants continue to be one of the best solutions for missing teeth.

In cases involving multiple missing teeth or need for restoring function with several compromised natural teeth where dentures may be recommended, dental implants can be placed for improved function and longevity. In placing dental implants, we can attach full or partial dentures to full size or mini implants to improve function. With dental implants, dentures can stay comfortably in place without messy adhesives, and in certain cases the palate may not require full coverage.

The majority of our dental implant patients report that they experienced no discomfort after placing the implant. Patients who have restored function due to full size and or mini implants benefit immensely. The general feedback from our patients receiving dental implant treatment is positively improved look, feel, function and attitudes about dental care.

If implants and mini implants in Boise sound like the right solution for you, give Lamb Family Dental a call. We can set up a convenient time for you to find out if you are a candidate for implant services.