Lamb Family Dental offers patients the opportunity to attain their perfect and healthy smile without the use of traditional braces. No metal, no wires, no fuss! How is this possible? Invisalign Clear Aligners are the answer!

What is Invisalign?

The technology is based on transparent, custom made aligners which are created specifically at an Invisalign Lab. The aligners gradually move your teeth into their optimal position to transform your smile. Patients may wear between 20 to 30 distinct aligners within the treatment, but nobody would ever know. On account of the transparent materials they're made of, Invisalign is virtually undetectable and is more comfortable than traditional braces.

Patients continue to be required to visit the orthodontist to get a check up every 4 to 6 months within the treatment period, which may last between 12 and 18 weeks

What can Invisalign Do for You?

Invisalign can correct mild to moderate conditions that include gaps, overcrowded teeth, an overbite or crossbite, and simple bite conditions. Retainers have to be worn after the treatment to safeguard that your teeth don't change back to their prior positions.

The Benefits of Invisalign

The advantages of these aesthetically pleasing aligners includes:

  • Cozy and comfortable feel
  • Barely noticeable, clear look
  • Easy and quick check ups
  • No tightening procedure
  • Simple maintenance
  • Removable

Regardless of your age, you are able to benefit from this treatment. Invisalign aligners are for everyone! Speak to our Boise office today to find out if Invisalign Clear Braces are the answer to your orthodontic dental issues.

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile without pain or discomfort

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